I’m personally very happy to recommend Brad!

Our Sothebys office in Scarsdale ranks #2 in a very competitive real estate marketplace, and Brad has been an active and enthusiastic manager who works hard to develop the potential of every agent in our office. Coming from a real estate sales background himself, he understands the challenges that agents face every day, and he is very attuned to the specific needs of our office. Education and communication are his strengths; he seeks to motivate and empower agents through developing our sales skills and through holding training sessions on relevant topics such as the new tax reform plan, local building regulations and real estate legal questions. Whether it’s answering evening phone calls or coming into the office in the midst of a Sunday snowstorm to help strategize for a listing pitch, I have seen Brad to be thoughtful, supportive, and encouraging in his role as manager. I’m personally very happy to recommend Brad!